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Software / Re: SONAR Alternatives - multi-track MIDI editing
« Last post by jackson white on Today at 06:16:06 AM »

I've been editing multiple MIDI tracks in S1. Took a bit of non-obvious configuration which can be saved as a template but looks like it has potential. There are some frustrating selection/active focus issues which are likely the result of differences in "work flow" between S1 and SONAR. Still working on those.
SONAR / Re: Sonar Artist
« Last post by Johnny V on February 19, 2018, 09:57:49 PM »
They must have very slow internet. If this is on a a Laptop I would go to a place with faster internet. I bring mine to work and everything goes super fast here.
And the other option is to open your account "My Products" pages and download directly from there. 
Once again this could be done off site where there is better internet, save everything to a portable drive ( good idea anyway)
And bring it back and copy everything to the Command center download folder.
It is found: C/ Program Data/ Cakewalk/ Command Center
Then run CCC and it will use those files. Or use the off line activation.
SONAR / Re: SONAR longevity - is it safe to stick with it?
« Last post by Johnny V on February 19, 2018, 09:51:24 PM »
Good thread and notice nothing has changed since November.
One thing was in your first post you mentioned the Authorization was pre computer based after X1, I think you meant after X3. I can install X3e without the internet.

I've stopped worrying about Sonar breaking at this point and my strategy is I now have Splat and/or Home Studio 8.5 and X3e  on 7 computers, all with different OS back to W7. 
I even reverted to leaving my Main DAW on line, something I never did in the past. My reason is I'm now using One drive to share my CWP files between my Laptop and the main DAW. At this point these are none audio projects. When I start adding the audio I will store locally only.

From what Noel has said randomly spread across the Sonar forum, it looks like something will happen this spring one way or the other.
General / Facebook Hangover
« Last post by thedukewestern on February 19, 2018, 08:26:18 PM »
I live in the states, and we just had another school shooting, on valentines day no less.   I have to get away from social media, because its an ocean of pissed off people venting about everything thats happening.   Whats up with America these days?
Songs / Re: Tale 637 [SoundScape]
« Last post by Justin on February 19, 2018, 06:13:27 PM »
This is brilliant Andy.  It takes me back to the my dreams of composing for Film/TV/Games :)  It reminds me a lot of Graeme Revell's soundtrack work (The Crow, The Craft, & tons of other movies).  I'll watch a movie just because he did the music.

Thanks for Sharing!
Deals / Scream loud if Cinesamples Products are on sale
« Last post by Panu on February 16, 2018, 07:20:36 PM »
SONAR / Making Music with Sonar (video interview from 2007 feat Noel)
« Last post by Panu on February 12, 2018, 12:04:53 AM »
Better late than never... I missed this in 2007.  ;D

Released Jul 05, 2007

The guys at Cakewalk are passionate about music and providing the technology that enables audio enthusiasts & professionals to create great music. Noel Borthwick, Cakewalk CTO and Carl Jacobson, Woldwide Marketing Director, spend some time with Inside Out talking about their lessons learned as an early Vista adopter for their audio application Sonar, which also is the only application of its kind for the 64-bit platform.
They also talk candidly about the development process and experiences with managed code, certification documentation and virtualization.

SONAR / Sonar Artist
« Last post by thedukewestern on February 11, 2018, 03:43:55 PM »
I purchased sonar artist as a gift for a friend last september, and shes never fully been able to download and install it.  We used a screenshare yesterday so I could get a closer look (she lives far away now), and the download in command center goes extremely slow... and I think it might actually time out at a certain point.  We chose to just let it run slowly and walk away, when she checked in a few hours later she says it didnt finish.  What are people doing with first installs?
SONAR / Re: SONAR longevity - is it safe to stick with it?
« Last post by jackson white on February 10, 2018, 09:35:47 PM »
Agreed there is evidence for SONAR to be useful for some time to come, but the potential for a problem is pretty real for a platform subject to regular change (updates).   

The only major issue IME was the Win10 update that exposed a problem with several SONAR VSTs in Nov 2016. The update for both Win10 and SONAR had been checked out on a sand box PC, but the testing wasn't rigorous enough to catch the differences in configuration with the main DAW workstation. That update wiped the existing restore points forcing a recovery from a backup, which happened to be out of sync with the SONAR update and a couple weeks of productivity were lost to troubleshooting. Yes, I could and should have spent more time automating the backup/recovery process while waiting on a solution (since updated after that debacle) but the possibility remains for some future incompatibility. In this case the impact was on SONAR VSTs which affected hundreds of projects. Sure, I could replace the compromised VST(s), but this would assume a remix on all of the affected projects.

Half of solving a problem is understanding what the issue is. The expertise that existed with the SONAR dev team is no longer available nor is any chance for them to fix it.

PCs do not last forever, so while freezing a configuration and keeping it offline might work for a few years, at some point the hardware -will- be updated and compatibility with a legacy OS is far from guaranteed.

It's a bit ironic but worth noting that a pretty standard reply to many requests for help is "Are you using the LATEST version of the program/driver/OS?"

Still reviewing strategies and workarounds (they do exist). Just a matter of time and money.

SONAR / Re: Making Lemonade = "SONAR Legacy VST Collection"
« Last post by jackson white on February 10, 2018, 08:53:22 PM »
Managed to look at a couple of other DAWs over the past month or so. No real surprises, some nice features, some maddenly obtuse workflows for what are straightforward tasks in SONAR. Granted the speed bumps are generally the result of targeting a different market but only serve to reinforce the benefit of a DAW that suites -your- needs.

A persistent observation though is the potential to create a suite of "SONAR Legacy VSTs" to ease the transition. The benefits are;

1. A familiar user interface
2. More productive mix sessions = familiarity with how they sound
3. Re-use of existing user presets
4. Support for the productive import/transfer of existing projects to another DAW.

I've tried recreating one project in another DAW and the mix was noticeably different as you might expect with having to substitute different VSTs.

The potential market might be limited to long time SONAR users, but the VSTs are all good enough to compete on their own based on what I've been looking at for replacements. 

Need more info, but thinking about what a legitimate offer might have to look like.
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